Our Volunteers

There are many pieces to making Greater Greater Washington great, and we couldn't do it without the people on this page. Besides the bylines you see on our articles every day, many volunteers work with our staff to guide, improve, and maintain the blog, advocacy activities, and more.

Editorial board

Members of our volunteer Editorial Board, in addition to writing many of the posts that you see on the blog, help make decisions about the content we publish.

Advocacy Committee

Our Advocacy Committee works with staff to set priorities and provide advice on our email campaigns, offline organizing, and more.

Elections Committee

Our Elections Committee talks to and researches candidates for office, writes posts about ongoing races, and determines our endorsements.

Community Engagement Committee

Our Community Engagement Committee organizes events and other activities to involve our community more deeply in urbanism around the region.

Other volunteers

Our readers and commenters

Readers and commenters play an important role in deepening and spreading dialogue about how the Washington region can grow and improve. We count elected officials, reporters, urban planners, and civically engaged residents among our community of readers.

As other media sites are closing their comment platforms, Greater Greater Washington’s is thriving! Our comment threads provide significant extra value to readers beyond what is in the individual articles. We work to maintain a space for respectful, educational dialogue by moderating comments per our comment policy. We invite you to become part of the conversation as a commenter!

GGWash is supported by our members, corporate supporters, and foundations.

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