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Love what you read on Greater Greater Washington? We want to add YOUR byline to the news and analysis on our site!

Greater Greater Washington’s blog posts come from a diverse community of volunteers, and we’re always looking to bring in new contributors. You don’t need to be a trained expert on a subject to write about it; all you need is the desire to write about the urban places around you and a willingness to collaborate with us as you move from idea to draft to a published post.

What kinds of topics are we looking for?

The Greater Greater Washington blog informs and engages people about urbanism: geographic, economic, political, and social forces affecting the built environment. We publish content from volunteer writers about how varied policy issues interact with urbanism.

We’re looking for people to write about these topics and others! When evaluating a potential post, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Why does this issue matter to people all over the region?
  • How does this issue influence, or is influenced by, our region’s built environment or the choices people make about where to live?
  • What is the big picture principle at work here?

What’s the best way to write about these topics?

The subjects of our posts represent a range of urbanism-related topics, but the structure of these posts follows a common outline. Ultimately, we’re looking for posts that help readers learn something new. We want to be sure all Greater Greater Washington posts have:

  • A conversational tone. The subjects we cover often have their technical side, and for people who know their stuff, it’s easy to get wonky. But since we’re writing for people who are non-experts but curious to learn, we write about things in plain terms. 
  • A headline and introduction that give readers the most crucial information. If someone only reads those two things, they should still come away with new information they could share with someone else.
  • Enough background information to give readers the details they need to understand the subject at hand, and after the background, the new information you have to tell people. Those are the crucial parts of any post, and once they’re there, more detail, information about an upcoming event related to the subject, or a call to action can be okay — but only after the intro, background, and new information.

For more about how to write for us, there’s a collection of writing resources here.

What we don’t want

Our foremost goal is to educate people about issues related to urbanism and the growth and development of our region, so it’s rare that we run posts that are rooted in opinion. We also don’t usually run posts specifically about an event. We do regularly run a post listing events we think Greater Greater Washington readers would be interested in, and you can submit yours here.

Take the next step!

You’re still reading! Does that mean you’re ready to submit a pitch? To get started writing for us, email info@ggwash.org with your idea for a post. We'll help you get started from there! Or, if you have a 600-800 word draft ready to go, send it as a plain text or MS Word document.

Can’t think of anything to write about? That’s totally fine! We organize regular blogging workshops for new or prospective contributors who are interested in writing. We keep a running list of topics, and it’s very common for us to connect new contributors with something to write about, along with the details they need to get started.  Take a look at our calendar and RSVP for an upcoming workshop.

Our editors will help you make your writing great. All you need is a can-do attitude and a topic!

You can help keep independent, thoughtful, policy-oriented reporting and analysis healthy by supporting us with a monthly, yearly, or one-time contribution.

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