Misson and Values


Greater Greater Washington promotes an inclusive, diverse, growing Washington, DC region where all people can choose to live in walkable urban communities.


Greater Greater Washington brings people together online and offline to discuss, organize, and advocate for a greater Washington, DC region for all people.

Content philosophy and values

The Greater Greater Washington blog informs and engages people about urbanism: geographic, economic, political, and social forces affecting the built environment. We publish content from volunteer writers about how varied policy issues interact with urbanism. 

The following values guide what we choose to cover on the site:

  • Use facts and information to educate
  • Be volunteer-driven
  • Seek input from our readers and supporters
  • Push for change
  • Be accessible
  • Question prevailing orthodoxy
  • Be innovative and creative
  • Be transparent
  • Reach a broad audience

Urbanism beliefs and principles

  • We believe in a diverse, mixed-income region where people of all backgrounds and means are welcomed into a wide range of communities, striving to reduce ethnic and income segregation around the region.
  • We believe in urban planning around people, not cars, that designs for walkable urban places which offer an opportunity for residents and visitors to safely interact with the built environment on a human scale.
  • We advocate for transportation options that support communities and offer a choice of safe, reliable, affordable ways for the region’s residents to get where they need or want to go, including a healthy and effective transit system, top-quality bicycle infrastructure, safe and comfortable walking routes, and innovative new transportation solutions.
  • We advocate for an adequate supply of homes that range in type, size, and price, distributed sustainably and equitably across our region and which offer everyone the choice to live in a walkable urban place.
  • We support responsible and equitable use of land and resources and minimal environmental impact by focusing growth and development in walkable urban places, near existing jobs, and around transit stations and commercial corridors. We support designing buildings and public space in an environmentally sustainable way.
  • We encourage fair and reliable delivery of basic services, including education, that support urban quality of life for all residents, provide a pathway to economic mobility for residents of all parts of the region, and make urban living a viable choice for families, seniors, and all other people.

GGWash is supported by our members, corporate supporters, and foundations.

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