Monday, Dan Reed reported seeing a new Metro map aboard a train. I spotted one on Tuesday on the Red Line. The new maps show the first phase of the Silver Line, even though an opening date hasn’t been set.

A new map on car 1165. Photo by the author.

So far, the maps that Dan and I have seen don’t have a sticker explaining that the Silver Line isn’t open. It’s not clear whether this is an intentional rollout, or whether one of the yards is just out of the old maps and has started replacing maps with the new ones when needed.

WMATA spokesperson Dan Stessel is out of the office; I contacted Brian Anderson, but he hadn’t been able to get us an answer to that question by posting time. We will update the post if we hear back.

Meanwhile, several people on Twitter have reported seeing one of the 7000 series railcars plying the tracks. Metro is running the cars to test them out. goDCgo tweeted this image at Union Station:

Photo by goDCgo on Twitter.

Keep an eye out, and you might spot a Silver Line map, or a 7000-series car, during your commute.

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