Photo by premasagar.

The comment periods are about to close for two important projects: Arlington’s parking and curbspace management policy and the K Street Transitway.

If you haven’t already, please take a moment and email to provide comments or a note of support. We support the County’s proposal, and offer some suggestions for improving the document:

  • In order to encourage wary businesses and residents to try out the new variable pricing policy, Arlington should devote a portion of the revenue to local transportation and streetscape improvements.
  • Arlington should encourage public acceptance of the variable pricing proposal by conducting a countywide parking occupancy survey of high-density and commercial districts and publishing the results online, along with a staff evaluation and recommendations.
  • In general, Arlington should increase or eliminate meter time limits, which are often arbitrary or counterproductive. Once prices are managing occupancy, longer-term parkers will naturally use less convenient or garage spaces, leaving the more convenient spaces for short-term parking.

Any other thoughts or suggestions? Email them to County Staff at If your comments are received by November 2, they can be considered for the staff proposal before the County Board.

Meanwhile, in DC, today is the last day to comment on the K Street options. Whether you prefer Option 2 (2-lane transitway, 3-lane side roads, no bike lane) or option 3 (transitway with passing lane, 2-lane side roads, bike lane), or have your own plan, DDOT would appreciate hearing your thoughts. Submit your comments here.