Back in March, I reported that the newly renovated Safeway at Seven Corners had designed their shopping cart corral in such a way as to block sidewalk access, forcing pedestrians to walk into traffic.

Two weeks ago, the Safeway removed this barrier, and now the sidewalk is completely open, allowing for safe and convenient pedestrian passage.

Left: Previous barrier. Right: The same area today. Photos by the author.

The manager said that a few months ago they were made aware that their design did not meet ADA requirements, thus prompting the removal of the wall and corral. He did not indicate whether or not any publicity or blog postings were instrumental in making them aware.

One reader contacted us to let us know that she noticed the change and thanked us for running the post. She had contacted the Safeway herself earlier this year, too.

The manager expressed pleasure at the new design and said that he supported the change from the beginning. Score one small victory for pedestrians.

Steve Offutt has been working at the confluence of business and environment for almost 20 years, with experience in climate change solutions, green building, business-government partnerships, transportation demand management, and more. He lives in Arlington with his wife and two children and is a cyclist, pedestrian, transit rider and driver.