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We received this letter from Josh Lopez, who was recently a candidate for DC Council at-large.

At-Large Council Member Michael Brown (I) has announced that he is stepping down from his position as one of the DC Board members to the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) due to a busy schedule.

This sudden announcement led me to think of a sound appointment to WMATA from a deserving group, Greater Greater Washington. This dedicated group of regular contributors is led by David Alpert and they have been at the forefront of transportation issues here in DC.

The appointment of a GGW member to the WMATA board would also be an asset in supporting Council member Tommy Wells (Ward 6) who also serves as the other appointed DC board member. Council member Wells currently chairs the Committee on Public Works and Transportation.

Mr. Wells has worked extensively with GGW over the years when it comes to transportation and developing new policies to encourage residents to get out of cars and use alternative means of transportation in DC. Although Mr. Wells brings new ideas and progressive policies to the table, he is only one voice.

The possibility of adding a second voice to support Mr. Wells would be great for the city. For years, DC has appointed members who may either not take the role seriously or have no background in transportation. This is a great opportunity to bring something new to the table. The appointment of a non-traditional transportation expert on the board will send the message that DC welcomes new ideas and will look at different and new ways to improve WMATA service for District residents. 

Chairman Kwame Brown has the power to appoint a new board member to WMATA. I encourage him to explore this great opportunity. This potential appointment could be a win win for everyone. I encourage you to call Mr. Brown’s office at 202-724-8032 or email him directly at and ask him to meet with Greater Greater Washington to discuss possible appointees to the WMATA board.

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