Photo by JamesCalder on Flickr.

Maglev? Maryland is trying to get a chunk of a federal grant to study maglev trains, for a potential Baltimore-DC express route. Ryan Avent points out how great that would be for Baltimore. His commenters wonder if it’s the best potential use of $3.2 billion.

The spooky Orange line: BeyondDC and some friends dressed up as the Orange, Silver, and Green lines for Halloween. I hope they took off the costumes before consuming the Halloween candy - eating isn’t allowed on Metro lines!

Keep Logan Local! No, don’t! Haven’t had enough of the debate over a Room and Board Furniture store versus local food, comedy, yoga and dance? 2B09 candidates Ramon Estrada and Doug Rogers, along with our own Lance, are mixing it up over in the comments on the Keep Logan Local petition site.

Security theater comes to DC: The Post featured security expert Bruce Schneier for a recent chat on Metro’s new bag-searching policy. On his own great blog Schneier has been a vocal critic of “security theater”: security measures that make some leaders feel good but don’t actually make us safer.

Metro guillotine held for 10 days: The Belgian bank that is trying to collect $43 million from Metro because of AIG’s collapse will hold off ten days until a court hearing. Maryland Congressman Chris Van Hollen asks why Treasury so quickly bailed out AIG and private banks but is leaving “public transit agencies to hang out to dry.” Could the administration’s well-known disdain for transit be playing any role?

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