Photo by Anomalily on Flickr.

OMG 140 people might live on Wisconsin! City Paper shows a flyer warning people of traffic mayhem if the Giant project is built on Wisconsin Avenue in McLean Gardens. In an email to the Cleveland Park list, opponent Nancy MacWood wrote, “I think many of us have assumed that we would absorb some of the District’s move to attract new residents. … But frankly no one contemplated the amount of new residential units that Giant is proposing.” Given the many supporters, I think quite a few people contemplated just that.

Is it ever OK to hit back at cars? Reacting to the driver who intentionally hit a bicyclist around 14th and Constitution, DCist asks, “Is there ever a case when it might be appropriate for bikers to hit back at drivers? … Do you all think responding to vehicular assault by banging your fist down on a trunk is so wrong? And what about a well-placed U-lock to a tail light? Where do you draw the line?” WashCycle says don’t do it, and I agree. (If it’s a robotically controlled car, on the other hand…)

In an economic crisis, come here: BusinessWeek made a top ten list of the best cities during a recession. Number one: Arlington. Number two: Washington, DC. Via Consumerist.

Keep arguing about the height limit: Ryan Avent gives an economic take on the height limit and its opportunity cost. BeyondDC thinks we should raise the limit in targeted areas outside downtown; Avent argues for including downtown.

Meanwhile in Maryland: Some Montgomery County employees want so badly to drive SUVs, despite the county’s policies requiring less polluting cars, that they’ve resorted to renting SUVs on the county’s dime; some Bethesda residents oppose everything; Edmonston building a “green street”; Accokeek doesn’t need another strip mall.