On Tuesday, we featured the 138th challenge to see how well you know the Metro system. Here are the answers. How'd you do?

This week, we got 19 guesses. Six of you got all five. Great work Kevin M, Peter K, Isaac Alvarez, Justin…, ArlFfx, and AlexC!

Image 1: White Flint

The first image shows the south end of the platform at White Flint. This island platformed station has its entrance at one end, with an elevator between the two escalators. This arrangement is not common. Other clues include the glass canopy over the escalators and the unique headhouse that is home to the faregates.

Sixteen of you knew this one.

Image 2: Union Station

The second image is from Union Station. This is one of two Waffle-style vault stations that has a flat ceiling at one end. The other is Farragut North. At Union Station, the flat part of the vault is necessary due to a loading dock off of First Street that is at the same level as the food court in the station. Without much context, it would be hard to differentiate Union Station from Farragut North, but there are two main clues.

First, because of the tight quarters, the vault coffers at Union Station are more shallow than those at Farragut North. Second, while both stations are now painted, Farragut North has been painted since 1992, and I have no photos of it in a pre-painted condition. Union Station has only been painted since 2017, so this happens to be a whichWMATA picture taken before the painting but which remained unused in my repository until now.

Nine of you got this one right.

Image 3: Rosslyn

The third image shows the atrium just outside of the faregates at Rosslyn's western entrance. This feature is easy to miss if you never look up. But it's quite distinctive if you have seen it. Some of you solved this by identifiying where the bus routes listed on the sign converge.

Seventeen of you figured this one out.

Image 4: Van Dorn St

The fourth image has a view up the staircase at Van Dorn Street. As you can see from the sign, this station is on a segment of track served by the Blue Line and formlery the Rush Plus Yellow Line. Only two stations fit that category: Van Dorn Street and Franconia-Springfield. The Gull I canopy narrows it down to Van Dorn Street, as Franconia has a High Peak canopy.

Fifteen of you guessed correctly.

Image 5: Court House

The final image didn't leave you many clues. This picture was taken in the corridor leading south from the station toward the Arlington Court House Plaza, adjacent to the AMC theater. As some of you noted, this corridor is a mix of Metro-style hex tiles and incongruous block walls. It is not the original main entrance to the station, but it is one of three corridors that lead to an underground junction from which the escalators to the station platform decend. To solve this one, you likely had to have visited the station.

Twelve of you came to the correct conclusion.

Great work, everyone. Thanks for playing! We'll be back in two weeks with challenge #139.

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