Petworth resident Jarad Schofer used Metro station puns to tell a fictional story of how met his now-wife, their engagement, and their marriage at a recent “pun off” competition. He weaves in a joke about a LOT of Metro station names, for example: “I didn't buy a diamond though, it was just White Flint.”

Schofer got into comedy nine years ago, he told me in an email. He took an improv class on a whim after getting out of a long relationship, and enjoyed it so much he eventually formed his own indie improv troupe, The Carmichaels. Sometimes he takes part in Pun DMV's pun-off competitions, like this one on January 23.

“Punning just comes naturally to me. I feel like I can pun on any topic,” Schofer says. “I chose Metro Stations because I wanted to pick something that I thought no one else would choose and something that the DC crowd would really connect with. With so many metro stations, I thought the names would lend themselves well to puns. I don't ride metro every day, but I do ride it a decent amount.”

The “Punster of Petworth” snagged second place in the competition. He's kindly posted the whole bit on Youtube for us to enjoy.

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