On Tuesday, we featured the 131st challenge to see how well you know the Metro system. Here are the answers. How'd you do?

This week, we got 25 guesses. Nine of you got all five. Great work, everyone!

Image 1: Judiciary Square

The first picture shows the western entrance to Judiciary Square station. This is the only place in the system with two widely-spaced escalators, and the lack of canopy is also a clue. You may be familiar with this entrance, as it leads directly to the National Building Museum.

17 of you knew this one.

Image 2: Farragut North

The second image shows the underside of the mezzanine at Farragut North. This station is unique because of its long and wide mezzanine and the inclusion of the buttresses that extend from the vault walls to support the structure.

20 of you got this one right.

Image 3: Navy Yard

The third image shows a staircase at the western entrance to Navy Yard station. This staircase was installed as part of the renovations to the station to support Nationals Park, and as such it's a fairly unique design, including glass walls along the stairway. Few waffle-style stations have stairs, as those stations were generally built during the period when WMATA intended for all vertical circulation to be done by escalator (and later elevator).

14 of you figured this one out.

Image 4: Wiehle Ave

The fourth image shows the bus loop under the north plaza at Wiehle Avenue station. This relatively new bus loop has a unique look, with its white walls and black ceiling. Other clues include the bus stop signage and the headsign on the 551 Fairfax Connector bus.

24 of you guessed correctly.

Image 5: Van Dorn Street

The final image shows one of the entrances at Van Dorn Street. The curved concrete entry is fairly unique, though a few other stations, including Forest Glen and Wheaton, have one. However, there were two other clues to help you narrow this down. First is the information kiosk to the right, which includes the Fairfax Connector logo. Secondly, at top right, you can see the edge of the Gull I canopy, which narrows down the possibilities.

17 of you came to the correct conclusion.

Great work, everyone. Thanks for playing! We'll be back in two weeks with challenge #132.

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