On Tuesday, we featured the 130th challenge to see how well you know the Metro system. Here are the answers. How'd you do?

This week, we got 35 guesses. 23 of you got all five. Great work, everyone!

Image 1: L'Enfant Plaza

This week, all of the featured stations were downtown.

The first image shows a view of 7th Street SW outside of L'Enfant Plaza station. The canopy of the station's elevator is visible in the right half of the image. The bridge here carries VRE, Amtrak, and CSX trains and also contains the VRE L'Enfant station platform. The bus stop sign showing the 74 and A9 is also a clue.

32 of you knew this one.

Image 2: Union Station

The second image shows the northern entrance to Union Station. This location is one of only a few in the system where the elevator is flanked by escalators, and the only location where it happens at an underground station. The ceiling above the northern mezzanine is visible here, which should have helped you discount White Flint and Addison Road.

25 of you got this one right.

Image 3: Metro Center

This picture shows the street level of the 12th & F entrance to Metro Center. The “Welcome to Metro” signage above the escalators indicates that this is a key station. Solving the clue likely required you to recognize the architectural features of the building covering the entrance.

31 of you figured this one out.

Image 4: Gallery Place

The fourth image shows a view looking down from the 7th & F mezzanine at Gallery Place. The intersection of the east-west Red Line vault with the larger north-south Green/Yellow Line vault is clearly visible. This is the only place where a perspective like this is possible, as there is no mezzanine above the point where the vaults cross at Metro Center or L'Enfant Plaza. Additionally, you can see the end wall of the Red Line train platform, and Gallery Place is the only transfer station where the crossvault is so dramatically off-center.

32 of you guessed correctly.

Image 5: McPherson Square

The final image shows the 14th & Eye entrance to McPherson Square. The silvery roof above the escalator is fairly distinctive, and some of you may have used the Five Guys location to narrow the answer down further.

29 of you came to the correct conclusion.

Great work, everyone. Thanks for playing! We'll be back in two weeks with challenge #130.

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