Cleveland Park’s Park and Shop. Photo by Mr. T in DC.

Roger Lewis on the Park and Shop: In his latest appearance on Kojo, architect Roger Lewis talks about the role of politics in historic preservation, including the loss of historic neighborhoods in Southwest in the 1960s, the Park and Shop at the Cleveland Park Metro, the MLK Library, and the closing of G Street to build the Verizon Center.

Congestion pricing is the equitable alternative: Opponents of congestion pricing have used “regressive tax” demagoguery to scare politicians away from supporting the policy. Not only is this misleading (since the same politicians’ constituents would benefit from the improved transit), but it’s not even regressive compared to the alternatives.

Handicap parking abuse rampant in Florida: So many seniors have handicapped parking permits in Florida that those truly in need can’t park. One major problem is that anyone with a permit can park for four hours for free at meters, and the limit is rarely enforced. Parking Today recommends disabled advocacy groups stop fighting for free parking and embrace their slogan of “access, not charity”.

HOT lane builders padding VA campaign coffers: Companies building Virginia’s beltway-expanding HOT lanes (which won’t pay for themselves) have donated large sums of money to elected officials supporting the project.

Ward Court resolved (for now): After last week’s spectacle at the Dupont ANC with five officials from four government departments disagreeing about Ward Court, DDOT went back and measured, and decided it was right the first time to allow parking on one side. But this time, DPW says they will stop writing tickets. (Current)