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This week the impact of Anita Bonds' reliance on big money donors is scrutinized, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand endorses Aruna Miller in for Congress, Ed Lazere calls for HQ2 hearings, and Maryland gubernatorial hopeful Alec Ross gets embroiled in a scandal over insensitive language. Want to stay on top of our 2018 election coverage? Sign up for our weekly newsletter!

Anita Bonds and her thousand-dollar donors
While at-large councilmember Anita Bonds got a late start to fund raising, she has out-raised her young challengers with help from the building industry. Her challengers suggest this is evidence of DC’s pay-to-play culture at work, and that Bonds has “lost touch” with her voters. One defender, however, notes that Bonds is forced to rely more heavily on corporate donations because she draws so much political support from poorer parts of the city. Bonds has supported and proposed both landlord- and tenant-friendly legislation. (Andrew Giambrone / City Paper)

Lazere calls for HQ2 hearings
DC Council hopeful Ed Lazere, arguing that Washingtonians have a right to know what incentives have been offered to Amazon for HQ2, calls on opponent Phil Mendelson to hold hearings. (Drew Hanson / Business Journal)

Tipped wage on the ballot
DC primary voters will consider Initiative 77, which would gradually increase the tipped worker minimum wage to greater than $15 an hour. Proponents say the initiative would provide stability to servers and help cut down on harassment. Opponents argue that restaurants will be forced to pass on costs and lay off staff. Some tipped workers that make substantially more than $15 an hour with tips (such as bartenders) are afraid of losing tipped income. (Rebecca Cooper / Business Journal)

Twelve candidates in Alexandria
Twelve Democratic candidates are competing for six Alexandria city council seats. A number of candidates are running in part on housing and transportation issues. J. Chris Hubbard offers his view of a “more healthy, fiscally responsible, pedestrian friendly community with… market rate affordable/mixed income housing,” while Robert Kay frets over “the natural tendency for developers to maximize short-term profits and externalize costs, like the costs of providing parking.” (Blue Virginia)

Gillibrand endorses Miller
Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) has endorsed Delegate Aruna Miller (D-Montgomery) to succeed Democratic representative John Delaney in Maryland’s 6th congressional district. Miller was also recently endorsed by Emily’s List, an advocacy organization that works to elect pro-choice Democratic women. (Paul Schwartzman / Post)

Alec Ross on the defensive
Maryland Gubernatorial hopeful Alec Ross has received a round of negative coverage this week after comparing his accomplishments positively to a state senator who “prances around Annapolis talking.” Democratic primary opponent Senator Richard Madaleno Jr., who is gay, claimed that this was coded, homophobic language. Ross’ running mate, Julie Verratti, who is also gay, defended the statement as an innocent slip on twitter. Whether or not Ross intentionally used that language, he did intentionally smear the state legislative process. (Rachel Chason / Post)