Image by Derek Bruff licensed under Creative Commons.

Greater Greater Washington sent a questionnaire to candidates for offices from Maryland governor to DC council at-large to Alexandria city council. 197 candidates responded.

Our Elections Committee, made up of 20 volunteers and two staff (including two board members), will be deciding our endorsements. First, we'd like to hear our community's views. To try to make this scientific, I created a little comparison tool. It's simple: It picks two questionnaire responses from random candidates running in a random race in our database, then shows them both to you. You tell us which is better. Do that as many times as you can or want!

We'll do some statistical analysis on the results and let you know any interesting conclusions we are able to draw. Whether we can may depend on how many responses we get and if they're statistically significant, so get rating! ;) We'll leave it open at least through the weekend (March 18), or maybe longer. Thank you!

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Update: Thanks to everyone who used the rating tool! Ratings are now closed. Stay tuned for posts about the results and our decisions!