What were you doing on Sunday, August 29, 2010? If you were outside shortly after 1 pm, chances are Google Maps caught you on camera from a satellite.

Google recently updated its satellite imagery of the Washington area and the new photos illustrate just how much the region has changed. In just a few clicks, you can see all the projects we’ve discussed or mentioned over the past few years.

Pennsylvania Avenue bike lanes.

In a thread of 41 emails of meticulous sleuthing, GGW contributors have pinned down the image capture to the early afternoon (between 1:00 and 1:35) of Sunday, August 29, 2010. For an exact time, check out the National Sundial.

One of the clues to the date and time included Metro trackwork between College Park and Greenbelt. According to our handy Disruption Calendar, the only recent scheduled trackwork in that area was the weekend of August 28/29 and Saturday, September 11.

We were able to exclude September 11 because the Crystal City bikeshare station, which was installed on the 31st, is not present. And it can’t be Saturday, August 28, either. For one, the Glen Beck rally on the Mall would be taking place. Also, Sunday farmers markets in Dupont Circle and Greenbelt are visible.

Here are some, but certainly not all, of the visible highlights that have changed since the last set of photos.


Yards Park almost finished

Benning Road streetcar tracks

Constitution Square’s green roof

“Dave Thomas Circle” construction

Plaza at Fourteenth Street and Park Road in Columbia Heights

Eleventh Street Bridge construction

U.S. Institute of Peace construction

Rhode Island Avenue TOD construction

Ninth Street Bridge over the Ivy City rail yard

Georgetown’s waterfront park

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial site

East Plaza of the Capitol finally finished

Road Tattoo on Vermont Avenue

Bike box at Sixteenth Street, U Street, and New Hampshire Avenue

Metropolitan Branch Trail


ICC Construction

Metropolitan Grove TOD

National Harbor

DC Streetcars hibernating at the Greenbelt Rail Yard

Silver Spring Civic Building & Veterans’ Plaza

Silver Spring Transit Center


HOT Lane construction on the Beltway

MetroWest construction at the Vienna Metro Station

Fourth runway at Dulles (far left)

Construction of the last segment of the Fairfax County Parkway

Construction of Long Bridge Park