Image by Rich Renomeron licensed under Creative Commons.

Do you enjoy Sudoku puzzles? Are you fascinated by the Washington Metro? Now, you can do both at the same time with this hybrid game which uses Metro station facts and the classic Sudoku. Adam Bressler wrote the game, and Nick Keenan coded up this interactive version. Enjoy!

Instructions: The following questions (A-T) are answered with a single digit number (1 through 9). Solve the questions and insert the solution into the corresponding position in the Sudoku grid. Using those answers, solve the remainder of the Sudoku puzzle in accordance with the standard rules of Sudoku. Some of the numbers in the grid are already provided to you.

Tips: If you are uncertain about an answer, it is best to skip that question and return when you have narrowed down the possible solutions. Each question in this puzzle is related to the full names of Metro stations (including subtitles and other elements), as shown on the current Metrorail map as of January 9, 2018.

Adam Bressler is a lifelong DC resident and a local high school student. He is a daily Red Line commuter and a big fan of public transit. His interests include cartography, puzzles, journalism, and running.

Nick Keenan grew up in Massachusetts and moved to Washington in the early 1990s. He is interested in public education and sustainability. He lives in Palisades with his wife and three children and is the president of the Palisades Citizens' Association.