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Summer is over, local governments are back from their recesses, and housing is still unaffordable for many of us in the region. Check out what we've been reading, writing, and doing this month at GGWash as we prepare for a fall and winter full of advocacy.

What we're writing @GGWash

“Instant neighborhoods” don’t make for great cities, but DC insists on them

Certain corners of DC are adding dozens of apartment towers, while other neighborhoods look much the same as they have for decades. This imbalance erodes our physical, economic, and social diversity, yet planning policies explicitly encourage this pattern. Read more »

There’s no silver bullet to make cities affordable, but you need these four things

Creating cities where people of all incomes can live reasonably close to where they work is increasingly the preeminent challenge of our time. Cities need a comprehensive policy approach – there’s no single solution that gets us out of this. Read more »

How segregation shaped DC’s northernmost ward

DC’s Ward 4 is today home to numerous racially diverse neighborhoods, despite the area's history of segregation. Originally much of its housing was legally required to be occupied solely by white residents. Read more »

What we're reading (besides GGWash)

What we're doing: Organizing with neighbors

Background: For nearly a decade GGWash has facilitated discussion and catalyzed action through the blog around key transportation and development issues affecting our region. We're continuing to do that and also providing grassroots and digital advocacy support for groups of readers and supporters as they engage in local efforts to bring more homes and more affordable homes to their neighborhoods.

Update: So far supporters in Adams Morgan, Anacostia, Bloomingdale, Arlington and Alexandria are getting organized and discussing strategy to support the housing their neighborhoods and cities need. Want to know more? Sign up to receive updates for efforts near you, and reach out if you have an issue you'd like to work on!

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