Whether you think we have way too much parking or believe homeowners have a God-given right to on-street parking right outside their front doors at all times, parking— and its enforcement— is an important part of how any city works. This map shows where in DC the most tickets were issued in June 2015.

Photo by Adam Froehlig.

Created by Greater Greater Washington contributor Adam Froehlig with help from a handful of others, the map shows where the 148,707 parking tickets issued in June of last year were distributed. The data comes from DC.gov’s Open Data portal.

You might discover some interesting patterns, but the big pieces of information probably align with what most people would expect: the most tickets were issued closer to downtown, and in the District’s densely-populated, higher-income residential neighborhoods and entertainment areas.

Enforcement is most concentrated in areas like Logan Circle/14th Street and Georgetown — even more so than in downtown.

Overall, the higher amounts of tickets were issued in the District’s core — downtown, Capitol Hill, Dupont Circle — while more spread out in residential neighborhoods like Upper Northwest and areas in the eastern part of the city, near the Maryland border.

Where in the District parking tickets are issued might tell us something about where people are driving, and — more importantly — where it’s appropriately difficult to park because there’s a high demand for parking.

Andrew Dupuy advocates for public funding of active transportation in states across the country. In a previous life, he was a press secretary and direct mail consultant on numerous electoral campaigns and a policy analyst for several Texas state legislators.