On this episode of “Last Week Tonight,” comedian John Oliver explains how DC does not have a vote in Congress and why it should become a state. Along the way he points out a number of hypocritical statements from Congressmen.

“The mayor of DC gets to run the District the way a student council president runs a high school,” Oliver says. At the end of the piece, he also explains that it’s possible to change the Constitution, and that the flag can add a star.

Oliver closes his segment with a new song about the states. Maybe we should all record ourselves singing it, and post it all over social media.

Abigail Zenner, is a former lobbyist turned communications specialist. She specializes in taking technical urban planning jargon and turning it into readable blog posts. When she’s not nerding out about urban planning, transportation, and American History, you may find her teaching a fitness class. Her blog posts represent her personal views only.