For almost 90 years, 1827 Adams Mill Road welcomed drivers with an Exxon gas station. Soon, this lot at the heart of Adams Morgan will make way for a new condominium with several features to encourage future residents to bike or use transit instead.

Rendering of 1827 Adams Mill Road. All media from PGN Architects.

Neighbors generally support the 36-unit building, which will be built in a partnership between PGN Architects and Perseus Realty. They’re excited about what establishments could fill the project’s 8,600 square feet of ground-floor retail space. But others worry that losing the gas station and repair shop, which first opened in 1926, will make it hard to get their cars fixed.

The Board of Zoning Adjustment agreed to give Perseus and PGN an exception to the height limit, allowing them create a rooftop communal space, which should have great views of downtown Washington. They will also allow the developers to build just 24 parking spaces instead of the required 37, which will reduce the cost of building expensive underground parking.

In April, Advisory Neighborhood Commission 1C, which represents the surrounding neighborhood, voted 7-1 in favor of the project with several concessions, including that they don’t want nightclubs or taverns in the building’s retail space.

Residents will get 18 of the building’s parking spaces, while the rest would go to commercial tenants. The residential parking spaces will be sold separately from the units, meaning people without cars won’t have to pay for space they won’t use. Everyone in the building will have to get a chance to buy one parking space before anyone can buy a second, and non-residents will be able to rent any excess spaces.

To reduce the amount of car trips future residents will make, everyone will get a $75 SmarTrip card or one year membership to Capital Bikeshare or a car sharing service. According to the building plans, there will also be 20 bicycle parking spaces.

The developers will pay to repair the “Pueblo Desmuralizado” mural, shown in 2007. Photo by Keith Ivey on Flickr.

In addition, the developer will set prices for any required Inclusionary Zoning units at a level that people making 50% of the average median income in Adams Morgan can afford. They’ll also hold a public meeting with ANC 1C residents about their proposed construction traffic plan, and provide a one-time contribution of $2,000 to repair the “Pueblo Desmuralizado” mural on Columbia Road, otherwise known as the Ko Gi Bow Bakery mural.

After the building’s finished, they’ll continue to pay for upkeep at the pocket park at Adams Mill Road and Lanier Place NW, including periodic irrigation, fertilization, mulching, seasonal plantings, and installation and maintenance of tree boxes.

The developer’s agreement with ANC 1C ensures that this project will make a great contribution to Adams Morgan, by supporting new residents who don’t drive and giving current residents more shops within walking distance. This is just one of several condo projects in the works in the neighborhood, which altogether will add 175 units.

Any ideas on what you’d like to see on the ground floor?

Jason Levinn is an infrastructure finance consultant with a strong passion for transportation initiatives that can improve the vitality of a city and lives of its citizens. After completing his masters project on transit-oriented development for a Virginia transit agency, Jason moved to DC in 2010 and has been following the exciting developments taking place in the region ever since.