I’ve updated the Circulator/Metro map. Thanks to everyone who submitted helpful comments.

Click to enlarge and see full map.

Changes since the last version:

  • Realigned the lines around Georgetown to be more accurate. (Jasper, Dave)
  • Clarified that the Georgetown Metro Connection eastbound uses L Street instead of M between Pennsylvania and New Hampshire.
  • Split the 24th St stop on the “yellow” Circulator since the two directions stop a block apart.
  • Adjusted the area around Columbia Heights to show that the westbound Circulator stops one block south of the Metro station. (MichaelDC)
  • Adjusted the area around Gallery Place to show that the H Street shuttle picks up on H Street.
  • Renamed some of the stops on the waterfront. Thoughts? Ideas for better names? (Tivonia)
  • Modified the text box to show that the H St shuttle is only every 30 minutes, but that the X2 is a good alternative along the same route. (Michael, Mony)
  • Added names for the non-Circulator shuttles. (Adam S)
  • Other minor adjustments and corrections. (Adam, Jimmy D)

Here’s the printable PDF.

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