What curb cuts do to a residential street. From CSG.

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“NIMBY insurance”? Ryan Avent suggests a clever economic solution to resident opposition to change. If some residents, like the vocal folks in Brookland, are so worried that future development in their neighborhood will reduce their property values, and if having most of your net worth in a home makes people extra nervous about changes that might impact property values, how about allowing people to hedge that risk? Many of us believe the development would actually enhance the neighborhood and drive values up. The city or developers could even pay the premiums in exchange for smoother approvals.

Curb cuts are bad for many reasons: Georgetown’s ANC rejected a curb cut because, rightly, it takes away on-street parking to give people off-street parking. But, Georgetown Metropolitan explains, it’s also bad a for a host of other reason having nothing to do with other people’s parking.

Bus driver assault spree? Yesterday, a number 53 bus driver assaulted a cyclist. It turns out that on Saturday, a number 52 bus driver punched McGruff the crime dog in the head. The MPD definitely takes bus driver assaults seriously when committed against their own officers. Same driver? Or is there something in the air on the 14th Street bus corridor?

From DC CTO to federal CIO: Vivek Kundra will be the new federal Chief Information Officer, everyone is reporting. He did a good job making DC much more open and accessible, through better systems, posting data feeds and encouraging mashups. It’d be great if he can do the same at the federal level.