Photo by infosnackhq.

Give me a C: Councilmember Tommy Wells (Ward 6) has endorsed the C Street, Northeast neighbors’ suggestion to narrow C west of RFK Stadium. Previously: we looked at C Street proposals.

Give us a PAC: Wells is also working on a bill to establish a Pedestrian Advisory Council. Senior advocate Marlene Berlin and Mount Pleasant ANC Commissioner Phil Lepanto both endorsed the concept at Monday’s DDOT oversight hearing; Councilmember Graham also expressed his enthusiasm for the idea.

Give us the vote: Every blog and paper has extensively covered the very important news: the bill to give DC a vote in the House has passed a key hurdle in the Senate. Last time around, the bill died in the Senate. At this point, passage (and the probable court challenge) seem very likely.

Don’t give us bricks: Montgomery Councilmember Nancy Floreen introduced a resolution banning brick pavers on sidewalks. They look very nice, but are more expensive to maintain, and can be more hazardous, especially to people with disabilities. Dupont Circle went through the same debate last year, and came to the same conclusion.