Photo via WebUrbanist.

I got a new way to park: WebUrbanist finds “15 Creative, Innovative & Hilarious Parking Solutions”, from the giant VW factory cavern to falling into quicksand. Via Planetizen.

Just say no: Bloomingdale’s ANC will consider a curb cut request on First Street, for a row house without alley access. All of the houses in the row have regular stoops; a front garage will seriously defile the house. Yet another reason for some level of historic preservation? Or will the new “no curb cuts” policy nip this one in the bud? Update: the curb cut will connect to the back, not the front, to add only two private spaces while removing one shared public one.

A performance park? A letter writer asks, how about paying for the Mall’s needed improvements by charging for parking on Mall roads? (tip: Michael); NPS wants a National Mall iPhone app; Arlington’s CommuterPageBlog agrees with GGW on the message we should take away from the inauguration.

And: Another Georgetown corner store might go residential; NYC ponders cab sharing (which DC abolished with meters (tip: Bryan); Prince George’s closes inside-the-Beltway schools while building new ones in sprawling greenfield areas.

This page is a mermaid: Bloomingdale, For Now notices clever ads on the Washington Post’s “page not found” error pages. It’s part of the same ad campaign as the mermaid, alien, and sasquatch posters in the Metro Center station.