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Walter Smith is the Executive Director of the DC Appleseed Center for Law and Justice, an independent organization that works with pro bono attorneys, business leaders, and community experts on the biggest public policy problems facing the National Capital Area.

  • Should DC downsize its elected Attorney General?

    In 2014, the District will join 43 states when its Attorney General becomes elected by the people, rather than being appointed by the Mayor. This is the result of the people’s overwhelming choice in the November 2010 referendum, when 76% of voters ratified a Home Rule Charter amendment changing the selection process for the Attorney General. Not everyone agreed with this…  Keep reading…

  • Referendum is the right strategy for DC budget autonomy

    On March 27, Congress’ continuing resolution that appropriates federal and DC funds will expire. If Congress does not pass additional legislation by that date, it risks not only a federal government shutdown, but also shutting down the DC government. This is because unlike every other jurisdiction in the country, the District cannot spend its own local revenue without Congress…  Keep reading…

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