Dr. Shoup. Photo by M.V. Jantzen on Flickr.

The Kojo Nnamdi show on WAMU is hosting a discussion about variable-rate “performance” parking in the District, featuring Donald Shoup of UCLA, Karina Ricks from DDOT, and myself, beginning at noon.

Dr. Shoup is the author of “The High Cost of Free Parking.” Ms. Ricks is Associate Director for the Policy, Planning and Sustainability Administration, which includes parking policy.

We will be discussing the two performance parking pilot districts near the ballpark and Columbia Heights, the new performance parking pilot in San Francisco, SFPark, and other parking management improvements in DC and around the world.

Listen live here. Call in with questions to 800-433-8850 or tweet them to @kojoshow.

Update: The archived audio is here.