Photo by bankbryan on Flickr.

ICC’s eviler cousin: Have you ever heard of the CCC? That’s another freeway Maryland is busy building in Charles County to destroy the natural beauty of its southern region. Imagine, DC writes, “building highways to alleviate traffic is like scratching poison Ivy to get rid of the irritation.”

From airport to sprawl: Hyde Airport in Clinton, MD will close, to be replaced with more houses and stores nowhere near transit, continuing Prince George’s pattern of having no particular development plan as they rapidly convert their county into auto-dependent suburban sprawl.

More vanilla in our chocolate: Rob Goodspeed crunches the census numbers and concludes that if trends continue, DC will stop being majority-black in 2014. Ryan Avent thinks the bigger news is that the population growth in Wards 1, 2, and 6 will change ward boundaries in 2010 and move political power from the edges into the center.

Please reread the definition of “news”: A remarkably unhelpful Gazette article reports on excited reactions by the Takoma Park City Council to improvements in New Hampshire Avenue. Only problem is, the article completely fails to say anything about the actual improvements. Meanwhile, WTOP announces that DC may use eminent domain in Southeast Washington. How about including where? (City Desk does).

Plus: Might a Trader Joe’s be coming to 14th and U? Infosnack analyzes the ballpark performance parking pilot’s flaws and makes suggestions; No deal is in the works with Columbia Country Club.