Skyland Town Center. Image from the developers.

Urban planners in blue: Ike Leggett wants to give the police sole decisionmaking power about what pedestrian paths should go around the Fillmore. Meanwhile, planners and elected offiicals will have almost no say. (Just Up the Pike)

MPD still ticketing cyclists on New Hampshire: MPD still seems to feel that the best way to devote their resources on bicycle safety is to ticket wrong-way cyclists on the single one-way blocks around U Street, even though DDOT plans to make it legal. Red Sky At Night just got a ticket today. Why not station someone at 20th and R and watch out for right hooks instead?

McCain really, really hates trains: Not suprisingly, John McCain voted against the Metro bill (Obama voted in favor, also not surprisingly). McCain may “flip-flop” on many issues, but he’s never wavered in his intense opposition to anything on two rails. Adding in Biden, the Senate’s top rail champion, and Palin, who couldn’t name any trains if Katie Couric asked, when it comes to transit, this election couldn’t be starker. (Yglesias)

Good design for Skyland: And Now, Anacostia is really impressed with designs for the Skyland Town Center, near the Maryland border in Southeast. Next, can we get a streetcar over there?