Photo by steven hight on Flickr.

Girard Park plans revealed: New Columbia Heights has drawings of a planned renovation of the park at 14th and Girard. It will have an “inviting” plaza with tables, a fountain, and restrooms by day, and a fence to keep undesirable activity out at night.

MoCo DOT reluctantly puts a crosswalk near a school: It took years of parental advocacy, but the Montgomery County DOT has agreed to put a crosswalk and a four-way stop at a dangerous intersection in Potomac. Unfortunately, they didn’t do it until a car hit a student, last month. (Gazette)

They were just doing the official state exercise: Maryland’s new official state exercise is walking, reports DCist. If only, between the Road Code and ICC trail, they’d also make it possible for people to do the official state exercise someplace.

Where’s that art? The Post has a quiz to identify which station contains various works of art. (I got more of them by recognizing the station, or just by process of elimination based on station elements (being outdoors, the height of the mezzanine, etc.) than from the art itself.)

Bike parking still stalled in NYC: Bike advocates rallied for a bill to allow people to bring bikes into office buildings. The NYC City Council hasn’t acted on the bill for years. (DC’s zoning recommendations would require bike parking in new buildings, but I don’t believe we yet have a law forcing buildings to let workers bring bikes into their offices).