By popular demand and to aid in understanding any streetcar development, I did the same ridership presentation for the H Street line (X2). The data is for westbound weekday traffic.

I improved the presentation somewhat:

  • Color coding makes more sense (see map for key)
  • Stops are listed in ridership order

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[David adds: From looking at this, it seems clear we should have a limited-stop service (or, better yet, heavy rail). Most of the ridership is concentrated at a few spots: Minnesota Avenue Metro; the “downtown Ward 7” corner of Minnesota and Benning; the “starburst intersection” of H, Benning, Bladensburg, and Maryland; 7th and H NE; Union Station/North Capitol; and Gallery Place Metro.

Perhaps not surprisingly, that is pretty much where stops have been proposed for the separate Blue Line, except on M Street downtown instead of H. A streetcar line or limited-stop MetroExtra/Circulator with only those stops plus a few downtown, as well as a local service to serve the folks in between, would work wonders for accessibility of this neighborhood

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