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On Friday morning, two elderly pedestrians were injured, one seriously, by a hit-and-run-cyclist in an alley near the 500 block of Massachusetts Avenue NW.

As WashCycle notes, “this story was picked up by just about every news outlet.” The reason it got so much attention, while countless other hit-and-run incidents barely get mentioned, is because it’s so rare. The last time Struck in DC recorded a bike-on-pedestrian crash was in July.

And although it may often not feel like it, cyclists and pedestrians benefit together: a recent study showed that streets with bike lanes are significantly less dangerous for pedestrians, as well.

This senseless incident here in DC coincides with the news that New York City, which for the past few years has focused heavily on bicycle infrastructure, is undertaking a new campaign to educate cyclists, pedestrians and drivers on responsible cycling and safe behavior around cyclists. It’s called “Don’t Be a Jerk.” That’s a lesson Friday’s hit-and-run cyclist should have known.

Until no one is a jerk anymore, we map cyclist and pedestrian crashes in the District each week. Because DC Fire & EMS did not tweet pedestrian struck or cyclist struck reports this week, the only incidents we were able to record were submitted by tipsters or reported in the media. View this week’s map.

The source for this data is Struck in DC, which has been tracking crashes on Twitter since June 1. While it is not a comprehensive listing of all pedestrian and cyclist incidents on our city’s streets, Struck in DC does keep tabs on reports from DC Fire/EMS and other sources. The goal is to raise awareness of the approximately 8-12 pedestrians struck daily and the room for improvement in data collection of bicycle and pedestrian crashes in the District.

If you know of a crash that wasn’t mapped here, report it to Struck in DC. For a tally of Struck in DC crashes we have recorded, please view the spreadsheet.