New York's Grand Central Terminal, made out of twigs and other plant parts. Image by the author.

From November 2018 through New Year's Day, the US Botanic Garden featured a unique display of model train stations, all built from stems, twigs, leaves, and other plant parts. Just in case the transit nerd in your life missed it, here's a rundown of the most interesting models.

Washington's Union Station was prominent:

DC. Image by the author.

Here's New York's Grand Central in its entirety, along with a suburban counterpart, Cannondale's Metro-North station:

New York. Image by the author.

Cincinnati Union Station, one of America's art deco classics:

Cincinnati. Image by the author.

Detroit's Michigan Central Station, soon to be rehabbed:

Detroit. Image by the author.

Salt Lake City's Union Pacific Depot:

Salt Lake City. Image by the author.

Los Angeles' Union Station:

Los Angeles. Image by the author.

It wasn't just big city stations on display. Smaller, less known stations also got models. Here's the Santa Fe Depot in Shawnee, Oklahoma:

Shawnee. Image by the author.

Smaller stations from around DC were also included, like the Point of Rocks, Maryland B&O Depot:

Point of Rocks. Image by the author.

And Ellicott City:

Ellicott City. Image by the author.

The diverse exhibit also included this model of New York old Penn Station's interior, carved out of a tree:

Penn Station. Image by the author.

And although train stations were the theme this year, every holiday season the Botanic Garden displays its collection of National Mall landmarks, including the US Capitol here:

US Capitol. Image by the author.

You'll have a chance to see the DC buildings again, since the Botanic Garden displays those each December. As for the more distant train stations: A garden employee tells me the model makers will collect their creations, and some will be exhibited at other locations around the country.

Check out the full list of train stations featured this year.