Instead of the Caps, we nearly had the Washington Metros hockey team. Image by clyde licensed under Creative Commons.

#ALLCAPS! The Washington Capitals appearance in the Stanley Cup finals has become a giant celebration. The team is doing well (knock on wood), and people are having fun.

Even WMATA is getting into it, with a celebratory TJ Oshie-rides-the-Metro SmarTrip card in the works, if when the Caps finally do win.

Let's get GGWash in on the fun too.

Brief history lesson: The Caps were almost the Metros

Did you know, back in the 1970s when the Caps were an expansion team still looking for a name, “Metros” was on the short list of possibilities? There was a public contest to name the team, and “Metros” was one of the highest vote-getters.

WETA's local history blog explains (edited here for brevity):

In first place was the Comets; the Pandas — a nod to recent “panda-monium” — were a strong second, especially among younger fans; there was a tie for third between the Eagles and the Metros.

Ultimately Abe Pollin, the team's original owner, ignored the contest results and named the team Capitals. But what if history had been just a little different?

Photoshop contest: Design the Metros' NHL logo

Pretend Pollin had named the team the Metros after all. What would that Metros NHL logo have looked like?

You tell us!

Photoshop or sketch your best idea(s), and email them to with “Washington Metros Contest” in the subject line, no later than 11:59 pm on Sunday, June 10. We'll post the submissions, along with a poll for readers to choose their favorite. (We retain the rights to filter submissions — no inappropriate images or copyright violations please.)

The winner will get some GGWash swag, plus of course bragging rights and undoubtedly DC's coolest new social media avatar.

If you don't have Photoshop, try downloading GIMP or Inkscape, free open-source image editing programs.

Game on!

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