Image by thisisbossi licensed under Creative Commons.

Here at Greater Greater Washington, we discuss and advocate for housing affordability all the time. It is also a driving force in Matthew Desmond’s bestselling book, Evicted.

Join us this summer for our GGWash book club if you’re interested in reading and discussing this book!

In Evicted, Desmond merges research and data with storytelling to show how evictions and housing discrimination affect eight families in Milwaukee. While researching for this book, Desmond lived in the communities he observed and spent time with both tenants and landlords to see how the two sides, often in opposition, are part of a broader picture of inequality.

Recently, Desmond and fellow researchers developed the Eviction Lab database at Princeton. This database collects and maps eviction rates across the country. For example, in Washington, DC about 12 people are evicted from their homes each day.

In June after we've read the first half of the book, we're going to tour and discuss the National Building Museum's Evicted exhibit. Our guide will be GGWash's own Payton Chung.

Join our book club! It will run from May 31 to July 13. Here's our schedule. You can also follow the conversation on GGWash through our posts and on Twitter and Facebook with #GGWashReads.

Joanne Tang is a Northern Virginia native and a graduate student in public administration and policy, focusing on resiliency and emergency response. She lives in Alexandria and enjoys learning about pretty much everything, including the history of pencils.