Just Up the Pike reports that Takoma Park might reduce the number of lanes on New Hampshire Avenue to create a more walkable boulevard. This recommendation came from a charrette and study commissioned by the Council.

Here’s some nice before-and-after eye candy. Click on any image to see the big version in the consultant’s report:

This would be a huge improvement. The blocks still have giant parking lots in their middles, but trees and stores along the sidewalk would make the avenue far more inviting and walkable. Will activists claim the open parking lots along the road constitute “open space” worth preserving, as they are at the Takoma Metro?

Kudos to the consultants for coming up with something much more pedestrian-friendly, but what about bicycle and BRT friendly? According to the Gazette, Councilmember Reuben Snipper asked about the lack of bike lanes and bus lanes.

[Stuart] Sirota [of the TND consulting team] said both were considered during the process. Planners decided that bicyclists could choose between going through pedestrian sidewalks or traffic lanes. “As someone who rides bikes and buses to work … I disagree thoroughly with your analysis on this,” Snipper said.

Good point—plus, it’s good to hear at least one member of the Takoma Park Council rides bikes and buses.

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