Photo by Daquella manera on Flickr.

“Paint isn’t a pedestrian safety plan”: Get There reviews the Pedestrian Master Plan and comes out pleased. Some of the best solutions are cheap, like “stop for pedestrians” signs in the middle of the street.

Barry late for debate, bloggers endorse Wilson: Yesterday I neglected to include great summaries of the Ward 2 debate from Penn Quarter Living and (pro-Silverman) Off Seventh. Last night, Ward 8 candidates debated, with Marion Barry showing up over an hour late. The Barry Stops Here has a summary, and was most impressed with Charles Wilson, followed by Yavocka Young. And Now, Anacostia has endorsed Wilson as well.

Railroads blocking MARC expansion: Amtrak and CSX won’t let MARC add weekend trains on its Penn Line (which is shared with Amtrak trains to Baltimore via New Carrollton) or weekday service on the Camden Line (to Baltimore via College Park and Camden Yards, owned by CSX and shared with freight), reports the Baltimore Sun (via reader John). Amtrak lacks the staff to maintain the trains (which it operates), and CSX often does track maintenance middays. Even this small expansion only gets us a little bit of where we need to be: full transit-frequency service on all lines.

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