Maryland already has too many highway widening projects. Photo by bankbryan on Flickr.

I’m in California this week, so I won’t be posting as frequently (and, due to the time change, not so early in the morning).

Shoup close to home: The guru of parking policy, UCLA Professor Donald Shoup, has a “close to home” piece on DC parking policy in the Post. (Tip: Ken)

Metro train schedule pretty reasonable: Infosnack HQ analyzed some ridership data and found WMATA is fairly balancing the numbers of trains at rush hour against the numbers at other times.

Et tu Maryland? MoCoCo President Mike Knapp is interested in pursuing HOT lanes for the Maryland side of the Beltway, like those that have just started construction in Virginia. He should get the Purple Line built instead, because HOT lanes don’t pay for themselves and, like all highway expansions, cause even more sprawl. Maryland is already doing too many road widenings. (Examiner)

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