On Tuesday, we featured the 111th challenge to see how well you knew the Metro system. Here are the answers. How'd you do?

This week, we got 27 guesses. 19 got all five correct. Great work!

The first image shows wayfinding outside the L'Enfant Plaza entrance to the eponymous station. The very distinctive HUD building is visible at left. Knowing about the food court here may have also helped you narrow this down.

All 27 of you got this one. Great work!

The second image shows the escalator canopy at Foggy Bottom. George Washington University Hospital is visible at left, and the building housing the Foggy Bottom Whole Foods is in the background. The banner was also a small clue, as it shows GWU graduates throwing their mortarboards in the air at a graduation. You can't tell it's GWU, unless you've perhaps seen these banners in the wild, but it may have clued you into the proximity of a university.

23 of you knew this was Foggy Bottom.

This picture shows a closed entrance at Farragut West. In this case, the entire station is closed due to weekend work, but it was taken on a Saturday, so the entrance would have been closed anyway, as AlexC points out. You should have been able to narrow this down to Farragut West or Foggy Bottom because of the closure signs. Foggy Bottom's sole entrance is an escalator canopy in a plaza (see image 2), so it can't be that station. Behind the metal grate, you can also see the lighted art installation installed a few years ago in the 17th Street entrance to Farragut West.

25 correctly identified Farragut West.

The fourth picture shows the plaza above Clarendon station. Clues include the ARC building in the distance, the position of the elevator and escalator, and the covered bike parking on either side of the plaza.

25 guessed correctly.

The final image shows a view of the elevator at Crystal City station. This one has fewer context clues, except for the tall buildings and the plaza between them. In the distance there is a lamp with Crystal City banners on it, but unless you've seen those in person, you probably couldn't recognize them. Despite the challenge behind this one, 21 of you came to the correct conclusion.

Great work, everyone. Thanks for playing! We'll be back in two weeks with week 112.

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