One of the installations by artist Joshua Wiener that will go in at the new Reston Town Center Metro stop. Image by WMATA.

By 2020, there will be six new Silver Line Metro stops in Northern Virginia. Metro plans to decorate at least five of the new stations with artwork, and this week released the design for the Reston Town Center station.

The first Silver Line stations were built during Phase 1 of the project, which opened on July 26th, 2014. The Reston Town Center station will be the easternmost of the Phase 2 stations. They’ll all have the same design: a single center platform with tracks on each side, a center mezzanine level above the tracks on one side of the station, and two pedestrian walkways that lead to both sides of the Dulles Toll Road.

The artist, Joshua Wiener, went with a music motif to decorate the walkways. There’s a giant aluminum drummer, a bassist, and a horn player, along with long red and teal ribbons.

Another part of Wiener's design for Reston Town Center. Image by WMATA.

This is Wiener’s first time working with WMATA; a lot of his work, to date, is in Colorado.

Wiener's "Endurance," in Durango, Colorado. Image by WMATA.

Below is a map of the Silver Line stations. At this link, you can check out construction progress on Phase 2.

Image by MWAA.

Installing the artwork is part of Metro’s Art in Transit program. WMATA’s staff chose Wiener’s design after an initial call for proposals and then a final round that consisted of Wiener’s and two others. WMATA’s Customer Service, Operations and Security Committee signed off on Thursday, and full board approval seems imminent.

Another part of Wiener's design for Reston Town Center. Image by WMATA.

The project's budget is $250,000, and funding will come from the the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, which is overseeing Phase II of the Silver Line.

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