On Saturday, in celebration of April Fool's Day, we featured a riff on our tried and true “whichWMATA” game: whichRAMADA.

This week, we got six guesses. Nobody got all all five, but Justin… got four of the five and figured out the theme. Update: three more people answered close to the deadline, including AlexC, who got all five. Great work, Alex!

Greensboro, North Carolina Ramada.

Our first Ramada was the easiest, since the street sign was featured. It's located in Greensboro, North Carolina, and shares a name with Greensboro station on the Silver Line.

Atlanta Airport Ramada, located in College Park, Georgia.

The second hotel was the Ramada located in College Park, Georgia. The location is actually referred to as “Atlanta Airport,” but it is located in the city of College Park. The Old National Highway sign was intended to give you a leg up finding this one.

Huntington, West Virginia Ramada.

Huntington, West Virginia is home to our next lodging location. It shares the name with the Yellow Line's southern terminus.

Rockville Centre, New York Ramada.

The fourth location, located on Long Island, is in Rockville Centre, New York.

Gananoque, Ontario Ramada, located on King Street

The final image was a bit harder. Unfortunately, there were only four Ramadas that were located in towns that share names with Metro stations. So we had to stretch for this one, a little bit. This Ramada is located on King Street in Gananoque, Ontario. Peter K correctly noted that the roadway striping isn't MUTCD-compliant, which was one hint that this was an international location.

Thanks for playing, everyone. We'll be back with a regular edition of whichWMATA on April 11.

Information about contest rules, submission guidelines, and a leaderboard is available at http://ggwash.org/whichwmata.

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