On Tuesday, we featured the 102nd challenge to see how well you knew the Metro system. Here are the answers. How'd you do?

This week, we got 21 guesses. Nine got all five. Great work, Peter K, JamesDCane, Stephen C, JessMan, Eric P, AlexC, Solomon, Bryce L, and DavidDuck!

Image 1: Tysons Corner

The first image shows Tysons Corner station from the bridge over Route 123. This is one of the “Gambrel” style stations, of which there are currently three. However, only Tysons Corner station has an entrance under the platform. At Greensboro and Wiehle Avenue, the entrances are above the platform.

19 of you knew this one.

Image 2: Eisenhower Avenue

The next picture was taken at Eisenhower Avenue. The mezzanine here is beneath the tracks, with the elevators to the right and left of the ancillary rooms at center. Because the signs point to different elevators for the different directions, you should have deduced that this was a station with more than one platform. It only has two tracks, since you can see the beams that carry each track. That means it can’t be National Airport, the only other elevated Yellow Line station with more than one platform.

21 figured it out.

Image 3: Southern Avenue

This view shows the bus loop bridge over the end of the Southern Avenue station. We’ve featured this unique bridge before. Additionally, the walls on either side of the station have a pattern that is typical of all the aboveground stations on the Branch Avenue extension that opened in 2001.

18 got it right.

Image 4: Federal Triangle

The fourth image shows the entrance to a corridor leading to the elevator at Federal Triangle station. This entrance is fairly unique, with a different style of wall. Knowing about this elevator passage would have also been helpful.

12 sussed out the answer.

Image 5: Minnesota Avenue

The final image was taken at Minnesota Avenue. Like the Red Line stations between Brookland and Silver Spring, this station and Deanwood are sandwiched between freight tracks. In the foreground, the tracks connect the Virginia Avenue Tunnel and bridge over the Anacostia to the CSX Capital Subdivision in Hyattsville. The tracks on the far side of the station connect the Benning Rail Yard to Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor at Landover.

The Landover Subdivision has catenary masts because until the early 1980s, the Pennsylvania Railroad and its successors, Penn Central and Conrail hauled freight trains from New Jersey all the way to Alexandria using electric locomotives. Those masts tell you this has to be along the Orange Line, since none of the other lines have electric catenary adjacent, except NoMa.

Distinguishing this from Deanwood is the fact that there are two tracks in the foreground here, rather than just one, since the railroad narrows just before it gets to Deanwood station.

18 came to the correct conclusion.

Thanks for playing! We'll be back in two weeks (March 28) with our next quiz.

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