On Tuesday, we featured the one hundredth challenge to see how well you knew the Metro system. Here are the answers. How'd you do?

This week, we got 43 guesses. 27 got all five. Great work, everyone!

Image 1: Prince George's Plaza

The first image shows a train arriving at Prince George's Plaza. This station was the station that started it all, nearly three years ago. I instagrammed a view through the closing doors of a Green Line train, and the whichWMATA quiz was born. This is one of WMATA's unique stations, set in an open cut with terraced landscaping sloping down to the side platforms. It's very distinctive, and most of you got it right away.

34 knew the right answer.

Image 2: Smithsonian

The second picture shows a close-up view of the station name pylon outside the southern entrance to Smithsonian station. The main clue here is the graceful arched bridge connecting Department of Agriculture buildings on either side of Independence Avenue.

41 guessed correctly.

Image 3: Eisenhower Avenue

The underside of Eisenhower Avenue was the subject of the third image. This elevated station in Alexandria has side platforms, and those two attributes should have narrowed the field to the one possibility. The other clue is the buildings of the Carlysle devevelopment.

38 solved it.

Image 4: Bethesda

The fourth image shows some relatively new art along the edge of Bethesda's bus loop. The Bethesda Hyatt at top left was one clue. Another is the headsign of a bus (a J2 to Montgomery Mall) in the bus loop, which is just barely visible at bottom left. The art itself is distinctive, but since it's new some of you may not have recognized it.

36 got it right anyway.

Image 5: White Flint

The final image shows White Flint shining like a beacon on a foggy night. I took this picture standing above the subway tunnels on the south side of Old Georgetown Road. Clues include the setting in an open cut, with subway tunnels at one end, opposite the entrance at the far end. The buildings of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in the background are also helpful hints.

36 came to the correct conclusion.

Thanks for playing! And thanks for keeping this contest alive for 100 rounds. I certainly never thought it would be such a hit. And now I think you'll never let me quit. We’ll be back in two weeks with our next quiz.

Information about contest rules, submission guidelines, and a leaderboard is available at http://ggwash.org/whichwmata.

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