Here are a few of our favorites from the Greater and Lesser Washington Flickr pool this week.

Rows of similar, yet differently painted houses appear in many places around the region. Here are some in Alexandria. Photo by matturick.

A pedicab downtown. Photo by mosley.brian.

Well armed Park Police. Photo by nevermindtheend.

A walk on the C&O Canal. Photo by djhanson.

The now-demolished bus garage in Ballston. Photo by Aaron Webb.

Join the Flickr group and submit your own photos! Photos will ideally depict either great or not-so-great features of a part of the Washington, DC region, showing people, roads, parks, stores or buildings as beautiful and lively places filled with people, or unsightly or desolate places that could be greater.

One specific request: We could especially use photos of SmarTrip cards. This one from Mr. T in DC has gotten used many a time, but we try not to repeat more than necessary. There are a number on Flickr that aren’t CC licensed. If you get any photos of your SmarTrip, please CC license them and/or post them to the pool. Thanks!