Atrium at the Old Post Office Pavilion. Photo by Monceau on Flickr.

Neither rain nor snow nor gloom of the empty Federal Triangle: The GSA is considering a public-private partnership for the underutilized Old Post Office building. Redevelopment might include restaurants, residences and/or a hotel in place of or in addition to the current government offices (while preserving the building, of course). Eleanor Holmes Norton is pushing a bill to let GSA explore these options. San Francisco Chronicle via Penn Quarter Living.

San Andreas faulty urban planning: The LA Times looks at a future of $200-a-barrel oil. Rapidly rising oil prices “would be the urban-planning equivalent of an earthquake,” says a member of the LA City Planning Commission. Via Matthew Yglesias.

Mincing no words in Hawaii: Honolulu’s mayor publicly accuses transit opponents of being shills for oil and auto companies. Local Reason Foundation fellows vociferously deny the charge while collecting their paychecks from the foundation, which is backed by oil and auto companies. Honolulu Star-Bulletin via The Overhead Wire.

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