“If you don’t have the big dollars, they want you out,” says one woman. “People want to live in [here],” replies another. “Are there going to be people moving out? That’s what happens.” One man wonders, “If we continue with this, where’s it gonna lead? Is it gonna be apartheid?”

Dig into the thinking behind these quotes at an event this week, or check out a number of other ways to get involved in your community offline.

All three quotes are from Class Divide, a documentary that will run on HBO next weekend that’s about gentrification and stagnant class mobility in Manhattan. But is it that hard to imagine them being about DC?

You can check out a preview on Tuesday night at 5:30 at 3333 14th Street NW, and afterward, catch a panel discussion on how the same issues might play out in our region and how to prevent displacing people.

Panel members will include Class Divide’s director, Marc Levin, along with Right to the City executive director Dawn Phillips and Scott Kratz, the director of the 11th Street Bridge Park project. The event is hosted by the Urban Institute.

Can’t make it? Check out these other great events this week, including chances to make Fairfax a better place to bike, learn about new bus service in Montgomery County, and help Metro put its data to use.

Monday, September 26: Little River Turnpike runs between City of Fairfax and Alexandria, and the Fairfax Department of Transportation wants to make riding a bike along the corridor easier. Share your thoughts on how to do that at a meeting today at 6:30 pm at Annandale High School (4700 Medford Drive).

Wednesday, September 28: Bus Rapid Transit could soon be a reality on Veirs Mill Road in Montgomery County, which would mean reliable transit for many residents. Attend a public meeting this Wednesday, September 28, at 6:30 pm at 101 Monroe Street in Rockville to learn about the options and share your thoughts.

Thursday, September 29: Learn how public-private partnerships work from a subject expert, Brian Middleton, the Project Director for the Regional Transportation District’s FasTracks Eagle P3 commuter rail project in Denver, and talk about how his lessons can help the Purple Line. The talk is this Thursday at 6:30 pm at 4805 Edgemoor Lane in Bethesda. RSVP is required and space is limited.

Thursday, September 29: A special law in DC, the Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act, allows tenants the opportunity to buy their property before it is sold. Learn more about this law at a panel discussion this Thursday from 9:30 am to 11 am at American University School of International Service (4400 Massachusetts Avenue NW).

Friday, September 30: Do you feel strongly about keeping late-night service on Metro? Show your support by riding a late night train from Friendship Heights with Action Committee for Transit and Maryland State Delegate Marc Korman. The group is gathering on Friday night at 10:30 pm and will ride the Red Line north toward Shady Grove. Note: This post initially said that this event was on Thursday the 29th. That is not the case.

Saturday, October 15: Metro wants help putting its trove of data to use; for example, a developer could help customers plan a trip that only went to station entrances with elevators. The agency’s Office of Planning is hosting a day-long idea session next month at 600 5th Street NW to talk about what data there is and what needs riders might have, and to work on potential solutions. Attending is free, but make sure to RSVP!

Tuesday, October 18 Local beer. Tasty treats. Fun prizes. Good conversation. Supporting more walkable, transit-oriented places. What’s not to love? Join Coalition for Smarter Growth on Tuesday, October 18, at 6:30 pm at the North Hall of Eastern Market (225 7th Street NE) for the Smart Growth Social. You don’t want to miss this party! Grab your spot now.

Calendar: Beyond what we’ve highlighted here, there are many other worthwhile events across the region. Check out more great events in our events calendar:

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Jonathan Neeley was Greater Greater Washington's staff editor from 2014-2017. He gets most everywhere by bike (or Metro when it's super nasty out), thinks the way planning decisions shape our lives is fascinating, and plays a whole lot of ultimate. He lives in Brookland.

Claire Jaffe was born in DC and now lives in the U Street area. She is a University of Michigan graduate and currently works at Coalition for Smarter Growth. On her off time, Claire can be found biking the street of DC or exploring the many green spaces throughout the region.