This is our third post of a map of… something in DC. Last time we showed the locations of historic districts in the District. This week we venture over the District Line on Metro. Can you guess what this one is showing? If you need clues, there are two after the jump!

Map by the author.

Here are two clues for what this map is showing:

  1. Study the legend. Study it well.
  2. The information displayed has its own Twitter handle and hashtag.

Update: Since many commenters have had some trouble figuring this one out (it’s not our only hard quiz!) we’ve added a few more hints:

  1. These data points reflect something that happens weekly.
  2. There are no more than five new data points per week.
  3. There are a total of 335 data points on the map.

Answer update: The map shows the number of times each Metro station has appeared in the game, WhichWMATA, through September 2015. Gallery Place has been featured 11 times, followed by L’Efant Plaza, Rosslyn, and Weihle Avenue, which have each featured nine times, respectively. Four other stations have been featured seven times each.


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