Readers and contributors at GGW’s 5th birthday party.

2015 is going to be a great year for Greater Greater Washington. Your support will let us do more than we’ve ever done before:

5. More communities, more voices: There are still many parts of the region we don’t talk about very much, from East of the River to Fairfax County. We’ll work to recruit and support voices from those communities, which are an important part of our conversation!

4. New bloggers! Better bloggers! We want to make blogging workshops a regular thing, meaning it will be easier for new contributors to get involved, and our current contributors will get even better! We’re hoping to pilot the blogger workshop at Transportation Camp in January if you’d like to join us!

3. Smart, savvy experts: This year, we talked to parking guru Jeff Tumlin over lunch. Did you miss it? We’re working on more in-person speaker events for 2015!

2. Your questions, answered: In our DC mayoral candidate livechats, you got to ask questions that no one else was asking, which we posed to Muriel Bowser and David Catania. Want more of that? So do we!

1. Great content, every single day: In August, we had fewer posts because our all-volunteer editors couldn’t keep up the pace of GGW. Then we hired Jonathan Neeley, who’s been the engine behind getting all of our great content up ever since! His behind-the-scenes editing is vital!

Thank you for being a reader of Greater Greater Washington! Our plans for 2015 aren’t possible without your help.

Aimee Custis is a transportation nerd and activist. Her writing represents her own views. When she's not writing about WMATA or curating the GGWash Flickr pool, you’ll find Aimee at home in Dupont Circle, or practicing her other love, wedding photography.