Image from OpenPlans.

OpenPlans, the people behind OpenTripPlanner and, are releasing a new crowdsourced mapping tool called Shareabouts. For the launch, they are asking people to suggest mapping projects in their communities. What would you recommend?

We already have tools like SeeClickFix, which many DC agencies use to gather information about needed repairs around the city. But the information mapped in SeeClickFix is very diverse, and varies in quality.

With Shareabouts, we could create thematic maps that people could then reuse and mash up in apps, GIS tools, and more.

When I was searching for apartments in DC before I moved here, I created a Google Map with all of the grocery stores I could find in the central Washington region, to help narrow down the areas where I wanted to live. Then I started adding bank branches, my office, and some other important criteria. While tools like Walk Score now accomplish this pretty well if you can put in specific addresses, there may still be value to creating a crowd-sourced “livability map” that would help newcomers see at a glance areas with certain amenities.

Or, what other kinds of specific sets of geographic information would be useful to have for the Washington region, or any smaller portion of it? Maybe parking garages with covered bike racks? Bus stops that have shelters? Restaurants with outdoor seating?

What would you recommend? Leave them in the comments and we’ll send the best ideas to OpenPlans before their Thursday deadline.